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After last years campaign we successfully secured £215k of Government funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to upgrade the Internet in Corby Glen to FTTP.

BUT, we are not over the line yet. To release the money we need residents to officially pledge to use the new service with Open Reach (EVEN IF YOU PLEDGED LAST YEAR) who will install the system. 

You will be free to stay with your current internet provider or choose a new one.

If we don’t meet our target the funds will not be released, and the scheme will NOT go ahead. 

Please also encourage friends and neighbours to pledge on the link below.

You can make your pledge as a resident, a Sole Trader or a Business. DCMS has agreed to fund the cost for each resident at £1000 and £2000 per Business or Sole Trader. Once we’ve hit 100% (or above) of our target, all properties that have pledged will receive an email from DCMS asking them to validate their voucher.

Typically, a full fibre broadband service costs around £30-£40 a month and properties can choose from a large number of providers. You can view the list of service providers that sell full fibre broadband using our network in your area here:


By pledging the support for the scheme, you are agreeing to the pledge terms and conditions. 

Click here to make your pledge to use FTTP

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