Privacy Statement

Who are we:

We are are the Parish Council for Corby Glen, in South Lincolnshire.

What personal data do we collect and why do we collect it:

When visitors visit our site, enter information via a contact us form or via email, we may collect the following information:

Visitors IP Address, device type, browser, and settings – For spam detection via the Google reCaptcha service.

The Google privacy policy is available here:

Personal contact information if you provide it – So that we can contact you

Any other data that you choose to freely provide including media

Contact forms:

Contact form information will be sent by email to member of or representative of the Parish Council. Replies will be sent to the email address you enter. If you send media, ensure that it is original media for which you own the copyright. Do not send media based directly or indirectly on other media not owned by you unless you have the original owners permission or have an appropriate copy and distribution licence. Ensure that any media has no embedded data such as GPS location information


We use cookies to let us know that you have agreed to our Privacy policy, for analytics purposes and to help us to improve site content.

Some cookies are mandatory, others are optional, if you allow cookies then that choice will be stored. If you disallow cookies then you will be reminded of each visit.

Embedded Content:

This site may include embedded content. This is a window into another website. That website will have its own Privacy and GDPR policy.


We use analytical services to monitor site usage. It will collect data such as number of hits. General geographic location of the source of the hits and details about the generic type of device and operating system used. This data will be used to help us to enhance users experience of our site.

We use Google Analytics for this purpose. The Google Privacy policy is available via the following link:

Who will we share your data with:

Apart from Analytics data, as described above, we will only share data within the Parish Council so that we can respond appropriately to any requests for information. The only exception is if we are requested to provide data due to any Industry related disclosure requirements.

How we protect your data:

Your data will be sent via our website mail server which affords the same protection of any other email server. Only designated recipients within the Group will have access to that data via a secure administrator login. Our mailbox will be regularly maintained with the intention of not keeping any data for longer than 6 months from the date of receipt unless you are a registered user in which case your data will be kept until you are unregistered.

Data breech policy:

In the unlikely event that we have a data breech we will notify you as soon as we become aware of the breech giving you details as to what if any data has been taken


This website is to provide information for our local community and visitors. We do not intend to hold any data other than what you submit to us, subject to the above policy. We will do everything practicable to protect any data that we have. Any data submitted by you by contact forms or email should be treated with the same degree of protection as any other email you may send. So please be careful what data you include in contact forms or emails to us.

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