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Draft Minutes of the meeting held on Wed June 12th 2024 at 7.00pm in the Willoughby Memorial Gallery, Corby Glen.

Present: Cllrs Lamming (Chair), Walsingham, Ellam, Harty, Harwood, Mardling & Shepperson.

In attendance: 1 resident, Mrs. S. Woodman (Parish Clerk).

Open Forum:

Cllr Mardling had received Facebook communications re the S106 funds. The resident will be requested to contact the clerk direct.

A resident described the poor visibility for cars exiting West Glen Way and asked if a mirror could be installed? He was recommended to email LCC Highways in the first instance, citing other locations where this has been done.

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllrs Cook & Evans. Reasons given and accepted.
  2. District and County Councillors’ Reports: Not in attendance.
  3. The minutes of the Annual meeting and May meeting of the Council both held on Wednesday May 8th 2024 were approved by a majority (6 for, 1 abstention – cllr not present)
  4. Councillors’ Declarations of Interest:
  5. Review of Action Log:

O/F Irnham Road Drains: Cllr Mardling had spoken to the engineer flushing out the drains. He believes the problem would be greatly improved if the overgrown verges were cut back. Clerk to report on Fix my Street.

24/02/12 Market Place: Cllrs met LCC Highways in the Market Place. Footpath markings are to be re-instated, but no lines for car parking. Will review in 6 months. Car park markings can be added later if required.

24/05/10 D Day Beacon Lighting: The chairman noted the success of this event which was very well attended and thanked all concerned for their hard work in setting it up, especially Cllr Harwood, Mr Lynch & the Fire Service.

24/05/16 Insurance: Renewed at a reduced cost – but awaiting valuation of War Memorial & Butter Cross, which may incur additional charge.

  1. Clerk’s & Chairman’s reports on matters outstanding:

01 Christmas Tree Lights: Cllr Cook is progressing.

02 Neighbourhood Planning: The group reports it is awaiting the updating of the draft Local Plan and the opening of the pre-submission consultation. They have provided a document reflecting the concerns of the community about the proposed 144 house allocation, and received confirmation that this has been received by SKDC.

03a War Memorial renovation: Awaiting Listed Building Consent from SKDC. Clerk will ask Hurst to value the War Memorial and Butter Cross when they undertake the work.

03b S106 funds from NCHA & DWH development:

Cllr Harwood met a representative of the RDMH committee to foster co-operation and communication.

NCHA: Application for Funds for the replacement toddler tower has been submitted. Awaiting SKDC process.

DWH: The sub-committee has met twice. It initially defined its Terms of Reference and Assessment Criteria, and then evaluated the community’s suggestions. A summary was presented to the council.

After discussion and review, the council unanimously endorsed and accepted the priorities and recommendations of the sub-committee.

04 Emergency Planning: Plan submitted. Awaiting approval.

05 Leaflet with useful contacts etc: In progress

06 Issues associated with the new housing estates – sewerage issues: The council had instigated a public meeting to enable residents to share their experiences and agree a way forward. This was well attended by residents and parliamentary candidates and representatives of NCHA.

However, it was disappointing that Anglian Water, Allison Homes & DWH only sent brief statements, and despite multiple requests, no response was received from SKDC, neither Environmental Health, Planning, nor the lead of the Planning Committee, who had expressed interest at the recent surgery.

An Action Group of 3 residents has been formed to progress matters, with the assistance of the local parliamentary candidates as required. CGPC will fully support Cllr Ellam and the Action Group. The minutes from the public meeting will be published on the CGPC web site.

  1. Matters to be resolved:

07 Consider a resident’s request to add the St John’s grass area to the grass cutting schedule: Clerk to follow up Kier situation with Cllr Robins.

08 Consider the need for additional warning signs on the bend at Corby Birkholme: Because of the numerous accidents on the A151 near Corby Birkholme, CGPC would like improved signage and / or the speed limit reduced to 50mph. Clerk to collect statistics from Cllr Robins, and seek his & Cllr Hill’s support in an approach to LCC Highways.

09 Consider iDig offer of free trees: Not to be taken further at this time.

10 Agree a budget for tree tags: Deferred.

11 Consider the problem of dog poo around the village and agree action:  The council voted unanimously to allocate Cllr Shepperson a budget of £20 to purchase spray to identify offending dog poo as a deterrent. Residents to be reminded of the availability of free poo bags at Lily’s.

12 Consider WI request for a memorial tree:  The council agreed unanimously to accept the WI’s offer of a memorial tree on the Green – ideally to be planted near the War Memorial where the WI displays used to be.

13 Consider applying for a grant for a community orchard: Not to be taken further at this time.

14 Consider the state of the Butter Cross and agree appropriate action: To be handled under S106.

15 Consider a resident’s concern re LED street lighting and determine appropriate course of action: CGPC does not deal with street lighting. Resident to be referred to LCC & SKDC

  1. Reports from:

Planning: to consider planning applications received prior to & after publication of the agenda:

S22/0731 Allison Homes / S21/1841 David Wilson Homes / S22/1808 Nott’m Housing Assoc’n)
S23/1103 – Decision Notice – Modus Partnerships – Clarification: no action
S24/0568 – Erection of an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility and carbon capture – Near Stainby: The council agreed unanimously to object to this application on the grounds of increased traffic through the village.

Greens Working Group:

17 Playground Equipment Maintenance: Given the difficulties in getting a replacement post from the play equipment manufacturer, it was agreed unanimously to authorise Cllr Ellam to purchase a similar recycled plastic post (budget £30) and to replace the broken post, making the broken ‘stump’ safe.

  1. Payments and Accounts

(i) Bank balances – monthly update approved unanimously as set out below.

(ii) Invoices for payment – Councillors resolved unanimously to approve payments as set out in schedule below.

Opening Bank balance from 1st May 2024


Income received on bank statement:
Community Cleaner Grant


Invoices cleared on bank statement:
Data Protection Fee (DD)
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
M Sanderson – Web site maintenance
MCS – Grass Cutting
Cllr Walsingham – Leaflet printing
LALC – Training
Additions Accounting – Annual Audit
S Woodman – Postage
Planning – Toddler Tower


Closing Bank Balance 31st May 2024


Payments to be authorised/cleared:
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
M Sanderson – Web site maintenance
MCS – Grass Cutting
Cllr Ellam – Printing
Cllr Shepperson – Printing


Estimated remaining NatWest bank balance
(excluding all Funds)




Community Support Fund (Allison Homes)
Donation received
Previous costs




Phone Box Area Fund (NISA)
Donation received + VAT Refunds
Previous costs
New costs



  1. Matters to be further discussed at the meeting:

17 Review Asset List: The current Asset List was reviewed. The following was agreed unanimously:

  • To add the dedicated bench at the bottom of St John’s Drive to the Assets List at 0 value. [Benches outside NISA & Lily’s are considered to be their property.]
  • Although the list shows 2 Notice Boards, the council only has access to one, so the 2nd is to be removed from the list.
  • Vinyl decals inside the phone box also to be added.
  • The list is to be reviewed annually before the insurance renewal.
  • The War Memorial & Butter Cross valuations will also be added when available.
  • The CGPC notice board is showing signs of wear; S106 money to be considered to replace.

18 To consider crown lift of tree where basal growth occurs: It was agreed unanimously to ask Cllr Evans to remove the lower branches and epicormic growth of the tree adjacent the triangle on Tanners Lane.

19 Barleycroft – Pridmore Footpath Lights: It was agreed unanimously to authorise Cllr Ellam to purchase new solar lights to replace the broken / vandalised ones and install a distanced charging pad (budget £50).

20 Corby Glen Community Group (CGCG): Cllr Lamming clarified the position regarding CGCG: there is no committee or constitution – the group is formed from like-minded volunteers working for the good of the community. Funds are raised primarily from donations and sponsorship. As with the Neighbourhood Planning Group, funds are held in the Parish Council’s bank account, but accounted for separately – see Community Support Fund above.

Volunteers sign up to be included in the group and agree to be contacted by leaflet or email. Activities are open to all.

The recent Gorilla Gardening was a great success, tidying up many areas of the village eg Laxton’s Lane. Cllr Lamming thanked all the people who attended, and especially Brian Walsingham for taking away approximately 5 tonne bags of green waste and Julie of Lily’s for the supply the coffees. A similar exercise is proposed twice a year.

A location for a ‘Man Shed’ is being sought – as No. 10 is likely too small, the RDMH is being considered.

Despite the fact that the application for lottery funding has so far been unsuccessful, a Family Fun Day is being organised on June 6th with a limited budget.


  1. Next meeting:

The next regular meeting will take place on Wed 10th July 2024 at7.00pm in the Willoughby Gallery, Corby Glen.

Meeting closed at 9.06pm.                                                                                                            Mrs. Sue Woodman – Parish Clerk



Action Log 12th June 2024




Date by


Barleycroft – Pridmore footpath: Monitor for repair




Speed Indicator Missing: Monitor for replacement




Drains on Irnham Road: Report the overgrown verges on Fix my Street.




Road Sweeping: Monitor for actioned




D Day Anniversary: Thank Mr Lynch and the fire service




Village pump: Arrange re-cementing

Cllr Lamming



War Memorial, replace missing letters: Progress Planning Approval;
Request valuation of memorial & butter cross when Hurst undertake work




Leaflet with map of village with street names:
Send draft to clerk
Share draft with Cllrs
Consider a group photo for the leaflet & web site

Cllr Shepperson



Consider a resident’s request to add the St John’s grass area to the grass cutting schedule:
Remind Cllr Robins / Kier about re-instating the surface




Consider layout changes to Market Place parking:
Monitor re-instatement of footpath marking.




Playground Equipment Maintenance: Investigate the insurance position.

Cllr Ellam



Christmas Tree: Contact Historic England + enquire re available funding

Cllr Cook



Bollards along Tanners Lane / Horsepool: Monitor for re-instatement




Signage at Corby Birkholme bend: Email Cllr Robins re accident statistics.

Then request Cllr Robins & Cllr Hill’s support in improved signage and / or a reduced speed limit




Tree Tags: Map trees & purchase new tags (budget £60)

Cllr Walsingham



Swinstead Road Sewerage Issues: Email the planning committee lead cc SKDC CEO expressing disappointment at lack of response and presence at the meeting




Additional warning signs on the bend on A151: Collect accident statistics from Cllr Robins; seek cllr Robins & Cllr Hill’s support in approach to LCC Highways




Dog poo around the village:  Purchase dog poo spray (budget £20) & spray affected areas
Remind residents of the availability of free poo bags at Lily’s – web site /
The Link

Cllr Shepperson





Trees: Notify WI of acceptance of memorial tree
Add ‘Trees’ as a standing agenda item




Erection of an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility nr Stainby:
Register council’s objection with SKDC Planning




LED street lighting: Refer resident to LCC & SKDC




Playground Equipment: Purchase recycled plastic post (budget £30), replace the broken post, makie broken ‘stump’ safe

Cllr Ellam



Asset List: Update list (bench, noticeboard, phone box decals)




Tree Work: Remove the lower branches and epicormic growth of the tree adjacent the triangle on Tanners Lane

Cllr Evans



Barleycroft – Pridmore Footpath Lights: Purchase & install new solar lights & distanced charging pad to replace the broken / vandalised ones (£50).

Cllr Ellam




CGPC S106 – Community Suggestions           



Justification provided







Installation of white ‘pinch-gate’ fencing to help slow down traffic entering the village at the 30mph signs at either end of the village on the A151 & possibly similar installations at both the Swinstead Rd and Irnham Rd entrances to the village.


Speeding is acknowledged to be an issue for the village; these are a great visual ‘nudge’ to slow drivers down, as well as being an aesthetically pleasing border to the village.

To be considered & assessed


‘Village in Bloom’ style flower planters at each ‘gate’ and.


Encourage community maintenance (safety permitting) of the flowers / shrubs

To be considered & assessed


Digital Speed Warning Signs (SIDs) x2 signs (x1 each eastbound/westbound)

To show drivers passing through on the A151 how quickly they are travelling. Also, hopefully a useful deterrent.

To be considered & assessed


3 Interactive speed signs (solar panels),
2 on A151 and 1 on Swinstead Road. (from more than one person).



To be considered & assessed






More picnic benches at park



To be considered & assessed – could form ‘barrier’


Fence around the play area



It does not feel safe to take young kids to the park. It’s such a busy road. Just a low picket fence would make such a huge difference.

Village Green regulations do not permit;
“Not in our gift”
But see (7) Benches


A fence around the park play area.



See (5) & (7) Benches


Sensory equipment and small play equipment for the park for the under 2’s.


To be considered / assessed; Allison Homes playground has equipment for smaller children


Lest we forget seat.


To be considered & assessed






Repairs to Butter cross.




To be considered & assessed






Repair CSR Conservatory Roof

Much used village facility. Conservatory roof currently broken & in desperate need of repair/replacement

To be considered & assessed


Repair the ceiling of the CSR conservatory professionally

Ceiling collapsed 2nd April

See (1)


Repairs to wall supporting The Green (Laxton’s Lane)


LCC Highways?
To be considered & assessed






CG Primary School: Replace broken play equipment and gazebo structures that provide shade in the school playground, with long term ambition for a full re-design of the school’s playground.


The school wasn’t allocated any S106 funding from the village housing developments (it was allocated to schools in Bourne) due to it not being at capacity at the time

To be discussed with the school


Footpath Signage: Better signage for access to walks around the village to include nature trails!

Encourage all to walk into and enjoy the countryside around us. 

To be clarified
To be considered & assessed


Nameplates / names for lanes and paths


To be clarified


East Glen sign on bridge


To be considered & assessed


Replace noticeboard.


To be considered & assessed






Improvement / expansion on park such as skate area. 



Too costly; no space – will pass on to Ron Dawson Hall (RDMH)


Flatten village hall’s football pitch

It is on a slant as many local teams use this site.

Will pass on to RMDH


An actual gym (PureGym etc), or a leisure centre


As a good percentage of the community are elderly, a good exercise for all ages is swimming. Not only could the kids use it, but any of the elderly or disabled residents could also benefit a huge amount. 

If the swimming pool is unlikely, a gym would also be beneficial, so the community didn’t have to travel to Grantham or Bourne just to work out for an hour. It could help keep the community active and any classes could be targeted towards different age groups to make sure everyone is included should they wish to be. 

I’ve seen quite a few elderly people walking dangerously in the roads because there’s not much exercise options around, so hopefully you also think this is a good idea. 

Too costly;

Will pass on to RDMH


Skate/bike park.

Outdoor gym (from > 1 person).

Football pitch/goals.

Tennis court.



Pass on to RDMH

Pass on to RDMH

Pass on to RDMH

Pass on to RDMH







Sort out the Christmas tree in the village, especially the lights

A lot of effort went in to trying to get things up and running but sadly on Christmas Eve the lights didn’t work

Already in progress


Upkeep of the village eg better / more grass cutting.

When you drive through the village the grass near the road is often long; the park is cut and maintained but not the grass in front of people’s houses and up towards St John’s Rd as you leave the village. The St John’s Rd corner to main road seems to hardly ever get cut.

General Maintenance – not S106 funding; already investigating outside this exercise. Suggest report poor cuts to SKDC


Green Space Maintenance: Grass areas to be better maintained to include removal of grass cuttings (perhaps a contract with a local gardener)

Sad to see parish council & individuals planting bulbs yet they cannot be seen due to length of grass.  No matter what County Councillor’s say dead grass does not encourage better quality grass growth!

See (10)


Preventing the village flooding


LCC HW responsibility; sandbags available






Cycle / footpath connecting CG to Swinstead or Irnham


Limited options for mums trying to get out and about for buggy walks or jogs

LCC Responsibility – will pass on to LCC Highways


CG Primary School: Replace the school’s demountable building that holds the Kids Club, with the long-term ambition of creating a facility that can be used by the community and pre-school.


The school is an important part of village life and used by the community

Too costly;

Education Dept responsibility


A larger village shop

The High Street is a nightmare and Nisa offers very limited supplies compared to the Coop

Cost; Commercial operation
Not within CGPC’s power


A donation for The Spinney in Little Bytham

Many people visit the spinney

Not directly relevant to CG community


From Facebook:

·       Allotments.

·       Youth club.

·       Widening of the road at the bottom of Tanners Lane.

·       Second defibrillator, Bourne Road end (new development). (from > 1 person).

·       Look at replacing current defibrillator. 




·       No space – already considered in the past

·       Buildings available – needs leader/s

·       LCC Highways responsibility – will pass on to LCC Highways

·       Already 3 defibs (Methodist / Glenside surgery / DWH) + Allison Homes is donating – Locate on Fire Station?

·       Why?



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