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I have been asked to share the results of the Archer survey, which was installed on High Street, Corby Glen. The Enforcement Delivery manager and has seen the full report and made the LRSP enforcement decisions.

The calibrated technical data recording equipment was located on a telegraph pole adjacent to ‘The Woodyard’, which commenced on the 9th January 2024. It continued for a full seven-day period. 

Analysis of the speed data showed that the average speed of vehicles was 18.4 mph in a 30-mph limit. The speed data showed no evidence of vehicles exceeding the speed limit at a speed that would make the drivers liable to action or prosecution by the Police.

I have researched the collisions involving personal injury for the last 3-year period up to a data date of 31/12/2023 and there have been no recorded collisions.

Highways engineers within the Road Safety Partnership have assessed the area and inform me that no engineering casualty reduction measures were identified.

The Government is committed to ensuring that the process for deploying speed cameras is transparent and that cameras are only used at locations where they can make a demonstrable reduction in speed related casualties. The only form of speed enforcement that the LRSP can carry out is with the use of speed cameras; however, the site selection process has to comply with the criteria set out by the Department for Transport. This criterion includes locations where there is a history of speed related injury collisions supported by evidence of a high degree of non-compliance with the speed limit. In that respect Lincolnshire Police through the Road Safety Partnership adheres to the site selection criteria set out by the Department for Transport to ensure that the process is completely transparent and that cameras are only used as a casualty reduction measure.

The results of the survey together with an analysis of the collision data show that the criteria required for either fixed or mobile speed camera enforcement is not met.

Speed cameras are only one part of Lincolnshire Police Speed Enforcement Strategy and the details of the surveys have been shared with the Neighbourhood Policing Team and the Roads Policing Unit for them to undertake enforcement when resourcing allows of which we have no control over.

The 85%ile refers to the 85th percentile speed at or below which 85 percent of the drivers will drive with open roads and favourable conditions. The assumption underlying the 85th percentile speed is that most drivers will operate their vehicle at speeds they perceive to be safe.

The ‘SAW’ refers to those drivers that would fall within the option of receiving a Speed Awareness Course instead of prosecution.

Simon Hart
Data Collection Analyst
Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership
Witham House

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