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The recent developments by Nottingham Housing, Allison Homes, and David Wilson Homes in the village has prompted the Parish Council to address the allocation of Section 106 (S106) funds.

These funds, resulting from agreements between South Kesteven District Council and developers, are designated to mitigate the impact of the new developments on our community. They play a vital role in improving infrastructure, enhancing amenities, and supporting community projects
within the parish and the Parish Council is committed to responsibly and transparently distributing these resources.

At the centre of this process is the community’s input. Residents, groups, and businesses are a valuable source of insight into the village’s needs and aspirations. Hence, the Parish Council is seeking suggestions and funding requests from the community.

Submissions can be sent to the Parish Clerk via email at or through the ‘Contact us’ form on the parish website This collaborative approach aims to align the allocation of S106 funds with local priorities and values. Any proposals must be specific, viable, and show clear benefits to the community.

All submissions will be carefully reviewed, and decisions will be made transparently, prioritising the welfare of the village.

The Parish Council’s call for suggestions reflects its dedication to inclusive governance and community-led progress. By involving residents in decision-making, the council aims to foster a more cohesive, resilient, and lively community.


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