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Draft Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday November 9th 2022 at 7.30pm in the Willoughby Gallery, Corby Glen.

Present: Cllrs Lamming (Chair), Andrew, Clink, Evans, Fowler, Harwood, Silabon & Walsingham.

In attendance: Cllrs Robins & Hill, 1 resident, 2 representatives from Allison Homes, Mrs. S. Woodman (Parish Clerk).

Open Forum:

Allison Homes: 2 representatives from Allison Homes attended the meeting to demonstrate their support to the community. The CEO sent apologies but was represented by their Marketing Manager. On behalf of the Fire Service, Cllr Robins thanked Allison Homes for their treatment of the joint boundary.

State of the roads in the village: The resident raised the poor condition of the roads in the village with LCC Cllr Hill. Cllr Hill explained that potholes are being filled urgently. The resident made Cllr Hill aware that the fixes to the potholes in the Market Place had barely lasted 2 weeks. Cllr Hill will look into this. He pointed out that Tanner’s Lane has been re-surfaced recently, and the resurfacing of Moreleys’s Lane is on the priority list, but resources do not allow roads to be maintained as well as LCC would like.

Access over The Green: The resident stated that in his opinion planning permission should not have been granted until access issues had been resolved; that the turning circle for large vehicles was insufficient; and that the removal of the conifers would potentially damage the nearby trees on The Green.

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Cook.
  2. District and County Councillors’ Reports:  District Cllr’s report to be emailed to the Clerk for circulation. Cllr Hill stated that LCC is expecting to be informed about future government funding imminently, but he is not optimistic. He fears that the £12 million removed from the Highways budget will not be re-instated. He reported that although waves of Covid infection continue, the recent strain seems less serious. Everyone is being encouraged to have the flu vaccination.
  3. The minutes of the meeting of the Council held on Wednesday October 12th 2022. The minutes were amended by the hand as follows: “Access over The Green: … Temporary access is required for the removal of 16-18 trees and to remove 50-60 loads of soil.” They were then approved unanimously. 
  4. Councillors’ Declarations of Interest: None.
  5. Review of Action Log: See log.

CSW: the 2 new signs have been delivered.

  • Clerk’s & Chairman’s reports on matters outstanding:

75/20 Superfast Broadband: The survey has been completed. Cllr Fowler was told that the wires will go overhead, contrary to others’ understanding that they would be underground. Clerk to request Cllr Cook to confirm.

12/22 State of benches, bins, phone box, noticeboards & options to fix: A donation of £687 was received from NISA as a contribution to improving the area round the phone box. Clerk has written to thank NISA.

Phone Box: Cllr Lamming had discussed the broken glass with the resident. The Clerk had contacted their builders who are no longer operating. It was suggested that the broken panel could be replaced with acrylic with the laminate design. Allison Homes Marketing Director offered to help with funding. Cllr Andrew to liaise. It is planned spend the donation from NISA on a bench & planters.

Defibrillator: The pads in the defibrillator on the wall of the Chapel have expired and are out of stock. Allison Homes have a defib they plan to install in The Orchards, but this could temporarily replace the village one.

Benches: The bench at the bottom of St John’s Drive has already been replaced with an oak bench. It is planned to instal benches and a picnic table in the centre of Mussons Close.

29/22 EV Charging in Corby Glen: Cllr Clink is to attend an event on this subject. Charging points will be installed in all the Allison Homes properties, which will belong to the homeowner. The Marketing Manager reported that once the site is complete, the charging point installed in the Show Home will be surplus to requirements.

09/16 Neighbourhood Planning: Cllrs were reminded that they need to read the documents as they will be requested to approve them at the next meeting. Any concerns should be raised asap. Cllr Clink to provide a hard copy for circulation.

Matters to be resolved:

15/22 New Web site: Cllr Lamming was disappointed how little time had been allowed for the community element of the Village Congress & Church meeting. However, she had spoken to residents about the new web site. Although the clerk will maintain the Parish Council areas, the Chairman requested that a group be set up to maintain the village-focussed sections to ensure they remain current and accurate. Cllrs Clink, Andrew, Silabon, Cook and Lamming were suggested.

New councillor emails are still not all set up. Cllr Silabon offered to show Cllrs how to implement after the meeting. 

46/22 Access across Village Green: The council believes that by granting the planning permission, planning authorities have placed the Council in an impossible position.

Advice had been provided by both the Open Spaces Society and LALC but was not conclusive. Councillors’ lack of availability had meant the proposed EGM had been cancelled. Cllr Cook had emailed his concerns regarding the potential for damage to the sewer which runs under the Green. Anglian Water do not have information about its depth.

The council discussed both pros and cons of allowing access across The Green: On one hand, it was believed that it would be both illegal and damaging to the trees on the Green to permit access, and the surface, once compacted, might not recover; on the other hand, would it be safer for the village than construction traffic entering / leaving the site via Station Road & Laxton’s Lane 

In addition, construction traffic crossing the Green would be unable to access the site without removal / damage to one or more of the row of trees on the Green in front of the cypress hedge, which belong to the Parish Council. Cllr Robins pointed out that these trees are within the conservation area and are therefore treated as having a Tree Preservation Order. This means that any removal / work on the tree/s requires planning permission from SKDC, which he believes is unlikely to be forthcoming.

The duration of the potential disruption was discussed. Although originally expected to be 4 – 6 weeks, it was considered that the actual duration could be much longer. The Green is used extensively and frequently for recreation such as dog walking, and Laxton’s Lane is used by pedestrians, both activities would be severely disrupted. 

In conclusion, the council determined that it had insufficient information on which to base a decision. The clerk was requested to contact the developers and request detailed plans explaining how the access would be used, how damage to the surface of the Green and underlying pipework would be mitigated, how damage to the trees within a conservation area would be avoided, and what alternatives were available.

47/22 Armistice Day arrangements: Cllr Walsingham has contacted a resident on the Green and agreed the use of their electricity; he has arranged to borrow Mr Lynch’s PA equipment in this instance. He will also request Mr Brian Walsingham’s assistance with leaf clearing. Cllr Lamming will bring the CSW’s Hi-Viz jackets for wearing when stopping the traffic.

Volunteers to meet on the Green at 10.00am on Saturday November 12th to clear leaves. The clerk has requested assistance form Mr Adcock’s ride-on mower. Cllr Harwood can also assist with his ride-on mower if required.

Julie at Lily’s has kindly purchased the wreath on the council’s behalf.

48/22 Christmas arrangements: The Christmas Tree will be erected on December 10th – 11th. It was requested that the Market Place be cleared of cars in good time. The items left over from last year are to be offered to interested parties. 

Christmas Expenses were agreed unanimously as per list.

49/22 Draft Budget for 2022-2023: The clerk had provided councillors with a draft budget for 2022-23. She clarified certain items and requested that councillors study the draft budget and feed back comments as soon as possible so that the budget can be finalised at the next meeting. Cllr Lamming stressed that any increase in precept will need to be justified.

50/22 State of village pump:  Cllr Walsingham has confirmed with Rowan Smith that the pump is not of concern to LCC. It simply requires cementing back in.

  • Reports from:  

Planning: to consider planning applications received prior to & after publication of the agenda:

S21/1841 David Wilson Homes Development (199 dwellings): The issue of road names was discussed.  Cllr Robins is in discussion with colleagues in SKDC

S22/1954 6 Swinstead Road Miss Jellicoe – erection of 2 dwellings – The question of access to the plot was discussed and the impact on Musson’s Close was raised. Cllr Clink to consider with the residents’ group. 

S22/1992 Woodhouse Arms – External staircase: No objections

S22/2025 8 Market Place – Removal of conifers to enable wall repair: Permission already given in error.

S22/2036 4 High Street – see S22/0047 – removal of condition 3 (materials) – no objection

Greens Working Group:

07/21 Playground Equipment Maintenance: Cllr Harwood reported that 5 items need attention, including replacing the swing uprights & repairs to the rocking horse. A budget of £500 for their repair was agreed by a majority (7 for, 
1 abstention). One of the seats on the rocking horse also needs replacing. A budget of £100 for this was agreed by a majority (7 for, 1 abstention).

  • Payments and Accounts

(i) Bank balances – monthly update approved unanimously as set out below.

(ii) Invoices for payment – Councillors resolved unanimously to approve payments as set out in schedule below.

Opening Bank balance from 1st October 2022£20,530.55
Income received on bank statement:
Donation from NISA

Invoices cleared on bank statement:
Web site development 
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages 
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner 
MCS – Grass Cutting
Miracle Play – treat swing uprights
S. Woodman – stamps
Liz Partridge – phone box artwork

Closing Bank Balance 31st October 2022£18,814.12
Payments to be authorised/cleared:
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages 
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner 
MCS – Grass Cutting
Neighbourhood Plan – Consultant fees
S. Woodman – CSW signs 
Cllr Lamming – web hosting

Estimated remaining NatWest bank balance
(excluding Neighbourhood Plan Funds)
Neighbourhood Plan Costs 
Previous costs 
Grant received 
Previous costs against grant
New costs against grant
Total costs against grant
Grant remaining:

  • 9.     Matters to be further discussed at this meeting:

05/22 Reason for new footbridge (rear of St John’s Drive): Cllr Hill had investigated and agreed that the placing of the footbridge demonstrated poor judgement, poor scrutiny, and poor use of funds. He apologised and stated that he expected the forthcoming budget for the department concerned would reflect this. 

19/22 Use of S106 funds from DWH development / residents’ consultation: deferred

38/22 State of the hedge and sycamore bordering the Green / primary school playing field: Not discussed

39/22 Consider a Car Boot idea to help supporting RDMH: Not discussed

40/22 Consider a plaque for Bailey Drew on the defib: Bailey Drew’s parents are in agreement with the plaque and the wording; and the Methodists have no objection to a commemorative plaque. An increased budget of £90 + VAT for a larger plaque was agreed unanimously. Clerk to purchase. 

42/22 Consider repainting the milestone on the Bourne Road: Not discussed in detail.

43/22 Three lights not working between Barleycroft Road and Pridmore: 2 quotes to replace have now been received. The electricity supply has been switched off as the system was deemed dangerous. Councillors debated whether the council can afford to fix the lighting, whether it should be responsible for maintaining it and also the stability of the fence to which the lights are fixed. It was proposed that the council should accept the quote of £530, but this motion wasn’t seconded.

In the meantime, residents are to be advised to take care, seek alternative pedestrian routes if uncomfortable using it, or use a torch. It was agreed by a majority (4 in favour, 1 against, 3 abstentions) to defer the matter until the next meeting.

45/22 Residents putting garden waste on the St Johns footpath: Not discussed

51/22 Overhanging hedge bottom of Swinstead Road: Cllr Lamming has spoken to the resident, who has agreed to cut back the hedge. To remain on the agenda until done.

  1. Next meeting:

The next regular meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday December 14th 2022 at the Willoughby Gallery. 

Meeting closed at 9.41pm.                                                                                                            Mrs. Sue Woodman – Parish Clerk

Action Log 9th November 2022

RefActionResponsibilityDate by
O/FQuality of pothole fixes: 
Check quality of previous pothole fixes in Market Place.

Cllr Hill

O/FVillage Pump:
Arrange for cementing.

75/20Superfast Broadband: Request Cllr Cook to confirm with BT Openreach that the wires will go underground, NOT overhead.
Clerk / Cllr Cook

S21/1841David Wilson Homes Development (199 dwellings): 
Road Naming.
09/16Neighbourhood Planning: Read reports & raise queries
Provide a hard copy to Cllr Evans for circulation. 
Cllrs Clink & Evans 
55/20Community Speed Watch: Investigate reason for reflective signs on tripods 
Request more CSW volunteers on Nextdoor.
Cllr Walsingham 
Cllr Walsingham
S22/0731Alison Homes / DWH: 
Re-email the archaeological reports 


07/21Playground Equipment Maintenance 
Fix issues – budget £500
Fix rocking horse seat – budget £100

Greens Committee

33/21Re-wilding / areas of grass to be cut & by whom / standard of grass cutting: Add to September 2023 agenda
Photograph the existing bulbs Make residents of the Green south kerb aware of bee orchids growing on the LCC verge, and to be mindful of their mowing. Contact the utility company concerning the lack of care in repairing the area just east of Sheep Fair field gateway on Tanners Lane.

CllrsCllr Walsingham

Mar 20239/11/22

12/22State of phone box
Liaise with Allison Homes re acrylic panel with designState of benches 
Undertake a further inspection of benches.
Add bench cleaning to the agenda for March 2023 

Cllr AndrewGreens Committee 

15/22Council web site: 
Resolve email issues 

Convene group to maintain the village-focussed sections of the web site. 

Cllr Silabon / all CllrsCllrs Clink, Andrew, Silabon, Cook, Lamming


29/22EV Charging in Corby Glen: Send Cllrs details of options 
Convene Working Party
Contact LCC & SKDC to enquire about their plans. 
Cllr Silabon
Cllr Silabon
Working Party
30/22Basal growth round lime tree on Village Green:.
Include in future mowing contracts
38/22State of the hedge and sycamore bordering the Green / primary school playing field:  Contact school to establish ownership
Photograph the tree concerned

Cllr Walsingham

14/12/22 14/12/22
40/22Consider a plaque for Bailey Drew on the defib: 
Order Plaque (£90 +VAT)


43/22Lights not working between Barleycroft Road and Pridmore: 
Notify residents lights out of action and advise alternative route / torch
Consider options

46/22Access across the Green: Request detailed plans from developer.Clerkasap
47/22Armistice day arrangements (leaf clearing / PA system etc): 
Request volunteers for leaf clearing via Next Door





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