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Minutes of the meeting held on Wed January 10th 2024 at 7.00pm in the Willoughby Memorial Gallery, Corby Glen.

Present: Cllrs Lamming (Chair), Cook, Ellam, Evans, Harty, Harwood, Mardling & Shepperson.

In attendance: 4 residents, Mrs. S. Woodman (Parish Clerk).

Open Forum:

A resident reported that the speed indicator on the A151 near the fire station is missing. The clerk was requested to notify LRSP.

The 30mph sign on the A151 approaching the village from Bourne is in an inappropriate location. After seeing the sign, unfamiliar drivers do not have enough time to slow down.  Clerk to raise with LCC Highways.

A resident explained that the cherry picker may not be available in future to help erect the Christmas Tree. He put forward a proposal for a metal alternative.

The chairman thanked all who assisted with the Christmas tree this as the two storms in December had had a terrible effect on the lights.

The repair to the pump in the Market Place is still outstanding.

The increase in the precept was discussed.

A resident reported the debris on the Green after the recent floods.

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Walsingham. Reasons given and accepted.
  2. District and County Councillors’ Reports:
  3. The minutes of the meeting of the Council held on Wednesday December 14th 2023 were approved by a majority
    (6 for, 2 abstentions).
  4. Councillors’ Declarations of Interest:
  5. Review of Action Log:

12/22 Cllr Ellam has removed the metal fixings from the bench near the war memorial.

28/23 Application for funding to repair the lettering on the war memorial in progress.

  1. Clerk’s & Chairman’s reports on matters outstanding:

01 Community Congress: Originally set up post-Covid to provide community cohesion and support. To be re-named ‘Corby Glen Community Group’. Application for funding from the National Lottery in progress. Alongside £5,000 for the village via Parish Council, there was a discussion of suggested items including new swing legs and speed signs, which will be sent to chair to forward.

02 CSW: Clerk to purchase 4 30mph signs at £20 per sign from LRSP as agreed at previous meeting.

03 Trees – new / maintenance – update: Epicormic growth is being cut back. Clerk will arrange re-inspection when complete. Thanks to the resident for helping with this.

04 Neighbourhood Planning: The clerk read out an update from Cllr Walsingham. Pre-referendum meetings arranged – councillors support requested. Referendum Jan 18th. The chairman thanked all concerned for their excellent work.

  1. Matters to be resolved:

05 Use of S106 funds / Process for application for S106 Funds: Cllrs Evans & Harwood to consider application process.

06 Emergency Planning: Cllr Mardling to assist Cllr Lamming.

07 Leaflet with useful contacts: Cllrs Lamming & Shepperson to progress.

08 Issues associated with the new housing development: Construction traffic continues to affect Swinstead Road, both with excessive mud and damaged verges caused by HGVs and the limited road width. The agreed Transport Plan stated vehicles’ wheels required washing before leaving the site. A regular road sweeper would mitigate the mud and kerbs along the verges would mitigate the verges being destroyed. Cllr Ellam to provide photos. Clerk to contact Cllr Robins & LCC Highways and copy in the developers.

09 Benches: Survey / Updated list; Procedure for recording dedications for benches & trees: Cllr Ellam has almost completed the list of benches.

10 Consider issues with current Insurance Policy and agree actions: Cllr Ellam reported some risks covered by the current policy which are not relevant to CGPC as a Parish council. He also reminded councillors that under the terms of the policy the responsibility is with the council to inform the insurance company of “any and all risks”.

11 Consider the petition from residents to arrange for waste skip/s and agree budget / appropriate action: The council still believes that residents should take their household waste to a local recycling centre. Any resident who is unable to access the Recycling Centre can contact the clerk who will notify councillors to arrange help. This information to be added to the council web site and published in The Link.

12 Consider a resident’s request to add the St John’s grass area to the grass cutting schedule: Still no response from SKDC re funding. Clerk to chase – again.

13 Agree funding for repairs to flagpole: Cllrs Cook & Shepperson to investigate.

14 Agree response to request for involvement from Bourne Festival of Wheels: Clerk to notify the organiser of the council’s support and request more information

15 Consider and authorise appropriate action regarding lights Barleycroft / Pridmore footpath: A light with a remote sensor has been installed at the Pridmore end, and generally works well. This should provide lighting for the majority of the year. It was agreed unanimously the allocate Cllr Ellam a budget of £20 to purchase & install a second one. However, as a public right of way, this should be the responsibility of LCC Highways.

16 Consider appropriate action re the state of village footpaths, especially Morley’s Lane & Church St: Clerk to request LCC Highways to assess the condition of local footpaths.

17 Consider process for layout changes to Market Place parking: Cllr Shepperson is requesting assistance from the Head of Design at Allison Homes; SKDC also considering. Decision required at next meeting. Clerk to respond to notification re bus stop ‘near Fighting Cocks’ to question necessity, given this is a conservation area, and request exact proposed location.

18 Consider what action can be taken re the persistent flooding of Tanner’s Lane / Irnham Rd: This was discussed at length, including contributions from residents. Although the recent torrential rains had highlighted the problem, this is an on-going issue for Corby Glen during ‘normal’ heavy rain.

It was noted that at the last meeting Cllr Hill had promised that the drains would be jetted – not yet done.

Offer from SKDC of sand & sandbags to be accepted – to be located in Cllr Harwood’s barn; sandbags to be filled by Cllrs when delivered and offered to vulnerable residents to keep at their property in case of emergency. Collection or delivery can be arranged. Clerk to make especially vulnerable residents aware & publicise on web site & in the Link.

Significant debris has been left by the floods, as well as damage to the Green. Cllr Shepperson to provide clerk with photos of debris. Report to Flood Incident Group. Clerk to contact SKDC request sweeping Tanners Lane / Irnham Road & Church Street.

The bollards along Tanner Lane are increasingly damaged. To be added to next month’s agenda.

  1. Reports from:

Planning: to consider planning applications received prior to & after publication of the agenda:

Greens Working Group:

07/21 Playground Equipment Maintenance

It was agreed unanimously that the Clerk should order a new rope for the clamber net on the toddler tower – £55.68

  1. Payments and Accounts

(i) Bank balances – monthly update approved unanimously as set out below.

(ii) Invoices for payment – Councillors resolved unanimously to approve payments as set out in schedule below.

Opening Bank balance from 1st December 2023


Income received on bank statement:
Community Cleaner Grant


Invoices cleared on bank statement:
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages (including back pay)
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
MCS – Grass Cutting
M Sanderson – Web site maintenance
M Sanderson – Domain Transfer Fee
LALC – Training refreshments
Mrs Woodman – Stationery


Closing Bank Balance 30th December 2023


Payments to be authorised/cleared:
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
M Sanderson – Web site maintenance
M Sanderson – Web site maintenance – Neighbourhood Plan
Mrs Woodman – Christmas Expenses
Cllr Lamming – Christmas Expenses
Mrs Woodman – Stamps
Mrs Woodman CSW 30mph signs
Cllr Ellam – Christmas Lights



Estimated remaining NatWest bank balance
(excluding all Funds)




Neighbourhood Plan Costs
Previous costs
Grant received
New costs against grant
Grant remaining:




Community Support Fund (Allison Homes)
Donation received
Previous costs
New costs (PA System)
Remaining: (Note: VAT Refund of £101.24 to be claimed)





Phone Box Area Fund (NISA)
Donation received + VAT Refunds
Previous costs
New costs



  1. Matters to be further discussed at this meeting:

20 Discuss Devolution for Lincolnshire and agree way forward: Clerk provided Cllrs with publicity material from LCC.

21 Agree response to EV Consultation: As the consultation deadline has passed the council had no comment.

22 Agree way forward regarding Christmas Tree Lights and authorise expenditure: See Open Forum. It was considered that, regrettably, an artificial tree which could be erected from the ground was preferable, and also rechargeable batteries to avoid inconveniencing residents.  A resident was thanked for his design; Cllr Cook noted that it would need sign off from a structural engineer. All councillors to consider what’s on the market for discussion at the next meeting.

23 Agree action regarding persistent parking of vehicles on The Green. It was agreed unanimously to request the clerk to draft a letter requiring the resident to cease parking on The Green.

  1. Next meeting:

The next regular meeting will take place on Wed 14th February 2024 at 7.00pm in the Willoughby Gallery, Corby Glen.

Meeting closed at 9.00pm.                                                                                                            Mrs. Sue Woodman – Parish Clerk


Action Log 10th January




Date by


Barleycroft – Pridmore footpath: Follow up trip hazard (ledge) at Pridmore end

Cllr Hill



Ron Dawson Memorial Hall: Discuss with Cllr Lamming

Cllrs Walsingham & Lamming



Speed Indicator Missing: Raise with LRSP




Location of 30mph sign on A151: Raise with LCC Highways




Phone box Area: Remove weeds

Cllr Evans



Arrange re-cementing of village pump

Cllr Lamming



War Memorial, replace missing letters: Progress funding application




Corby Glen Community Group: Provide cost of swing legs to Cllr Lamming




CSW: Purchase 4 signs – budget £80




Trees: Arrange re-inspection




S106 funds:
Investigate and cost options
Provide details of traffic calming measures used elsewhere
Determine how long the funds remain available
Copy of Grants policy to Cllrs Harwood & Evans

Cllr Shepperson
& Cook
Cllr Robins
Cllrs Shepperson



Emergency Plan: Copy of draft contents to Cllrs Lamming & Mardling




Leaflet with map of village with street names:
Obtain 3 quotes for A4 sheet with all the village street names on

Cllr Shepperson



Issues associated with new housing development:
Contact Cllr Robins re road sweeper
Provide clerk with photos
Draft email to LCC Highways & confirm with Cllr Lamming re kerbs & mud on road. cc DWH, Allison Homes, Modus

Cllr Ellam
Clerk / Cllr Lamming



Procedure for recording dedications for benches & trees: Review benches against list, confirm condition and record any dedication; add memorial benches not owned by CGPC + tree in memory of Sam Smith.

Cllr Ellam



Waste Skip Petition: Add offer of help to Web site & publish in The Link




Consider a resident’s request to add the St John’s grass area to the grass cutting schedule: Chase SKDC again to determine funds available if CGPC were to take on responsibility.

Cllr Robins



Flagpole: Cllrs Cook & Shepperson to investigate.

Cllrs Cook & Shepperson



Bourne Festival of Wheels: Notify organiser of the council’s support and request more information




Barleycroft / Pridmore footpath lights: Investigate options and attempt to establish responsibility
Purchase & install a second light with a remote sensor. Budget £20.

Cllr Robins

Cllr Ellam




State of village footpaths, Request LCC Highways to assess the condition of local footpaths




Consider layout changes to Market Place parking: Request help from DWH, Allison Homes & a skilled resident in establishing an improved parking layout for the Market Place prior to resurfacing.
Question necessity for bus stop ‘near Fighting Cocks’ & request exact location.






Arrange for all drains, dykes and gullies in the area & Bourne Road to be jetted
Provide photos of debris
Report debris to Flood Incident Group
Request sand & sandbags from SKDC;
Notify vulnerable residents
Publicise availability on web site & in The Link
Request road sweeper for Tanners Lane / Irnham Road & Church Street
Add bollards to February agenda

Cllr Hill
Cllr Shepperon



Playground Equipment Maintenance: Investigate the insurance position.
Purchase new rope as per quotation

Cllr Ellam



Christmas Tree – Consider option for future years




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