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Summary of Meeting held on Wednesday December 2nd 2020 at 7.30pm on Zoom to discuss the issue of speeding traffic within the village of Corby Glen

PCSO Bowden, Cllrs Walsingham, Muir and Hargreaves, Mrs S Woodman Parish Clerk and 9 residents in total.

The meeting had been initiated by Corby Glen Parish Council to seek residents’ views on potential actions to attempt to reduce the number of vehicles speeding in the village, not just on the A151, but on all roads, particularly Irnham Road, Swinstead Road & Tanners Lane.

Cllr Walsingham and PCSO Bowden outlined the principal measures available to the public for use to encourage motorists to obey the 30mph speed limit, namely:

1.     Plastic Speed Limit Signs

2.     Policeman ‘silhouettes’

3.     Community Speed Watch initiative

4.     Village entrance indicators eg White ‘gates’, planters

5.     Reactive Speed Indicator Device (SID)

In PCSO Bowden’s experience the first three are most effective in conjunction with other measures.

Community Speed Watch initiative:
Residents were referred to the Community Speed Watch leaflet:

Manned by a team of 3 trained volunteers with a ‘speed gun’. The results are passed to the police, who will then issue warning letters to the registered keeper of the vehicle. The letters become increasingly strong for repeat occurrences and after the first are delivered to the keeper’s home by a police officer. Particularly effective for fleet vehicles as the letters are received by the fleet manager who will usually take the appropriate driver to task.

It has proved very effective in Welby, but less so in other places.

The team requires organisation. Its effectiveness depends upon the ‘dedication’ of the volunteers. Usually a 2 – 3 hour session 2 – 3 times a month is arranged.

There is a set up cost for the equipment, including signage, of around £250. It is estimated that it takes about 2 months to get the operation set up, and a core team of around 6 – 10 volunteers is suggested.

Villages to contact: Colsterworth (Caroline, chair of the PC), Old Somerby, Denton, Long Bennington.

Residents were asked to read the booklet and contact the Parish Council if they would like to be involved (contact details on the Corby Glen Web Site).

Village entrance indicators eg White ‘gates’, planters

Works by providing a visual ‘break’ and indicator of a change in road conditions, suggesting a narrowing of the road and alerting the driver to the fact that they are entering a village. Has proved effective in some cases eg Ancaster. Could be particularly effective on the A151, but also on other approaches to the village. Placed near the 30mph sign. They are fast becoming a ‘standard’ around Lincolnshire villages.

Not necessarily a cheap option as suitable gates ‘approved’ by LCC Highways can be costly (possibly £500 each), but gates or planters were also considered to enhance the entrance to the village.

The possibility of ‘staggered’ gates on entrances to the village, especially where the A151 narrows to the bridge was put forward.

It was also suggested that local businesses could be approached to sponsor planters, thereby minimising the cost, or potentially providing a source of income.

Reactive Speed Indicator Device (SID):

Believed by the police to be the more effective, but also the most costly – approx. £2,500 – £3,000 including fixing plates to allow the device to be moved. It is unlikely that the Parish Council would have sufficient funds, so the fund raising would be required. Denton have purchased a cheaper version with a changeable message facility (approx. £1,000) but it is not known how successful.

Administration is required to re-change the unit periodically and move it to a different location as drivers become accustomed to a sign which is always there and tend to ignore it.

A resident living on the Green kindly offered the use of the electricity supply to his garage to re-charge devices if appropriate.

Other possible measures discussed:

Police presence – parked police car: PCSO Bowden will encourage officers to park in the village when duties permit.

Police ‘Speed Traps’ – Radar Guns: Rely on available manpower. Motorists soon become familiar with suitable locations, so slow down initially then speed up again.

Speed Camera: Few in Lincolnshire. Unfortunately, the statistics don’t bear out the amount of speeding believed to occur in the village, so Highways are unlikely to consider the cost of a speed camera.

Road Markings: A possibility which Highways might consider.

Councillors will raise highways-related issues with Cllr Hill when he next attends a Parish Council Meeting.

Speed Bumps / chicanes: A possibility, but it is likely that Highways would consider that they would impede the flow of traffic along the A151.

School / Playground Sign: An illuminated school / playground sign could be installed near Ron Dawson Hall now occupied by the Pre-School to warn motorists of children crossing the road at the start / end of the day – assuming a power supply could be located.

Child-shaped’ bollards: These have proved effective in other locations. The cost is not known.

Other Matters:

A151 / Swinstead Road Junction: 

Secondary school children from the village cross here for the school bus in the morning and afternoon & children from the Swinstead Road area also because no footpath between the junction and the Charles Read School. Vehicles often pick up speed down the hill and visibility is poor. The possibility of a ‘Zebra’ crossing was discussed, but it was felt that it would only be considered by Highways if there is empirical evidence of frequent accidents, which happily there is not.

Noise of Motorbikes, mainly on the A151:

This is certainly a nuisance, and prosecution is possible under a Section 59 notice but is difficult to identify the ‘culprit’ in time to get the registration number. If identified, then a
‘2 strikes and out’ policy is applied both to the vehicle and the driver.

If the registration number can be obtained, then the police do not require proof, but will follow up a report with a letter to the vehicle keeper.


Cllr Walsingham thanked all for attending and for heir contributions. The comments will be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council which is on December 9th 2020 at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend and raise any further points in the 15 minute Open Forum at the start.

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