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Draft Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday April 13th 2022 at 7.30pm in the Church Street Rooms, Corby Glen.

Present: Cllrs Lamming (Chair) Cook, Clink, Silabon & Walsingham.

In attendance: Cllr Hill, Mrs. S. Woodman (Parish Clerk) & 2 residents.

Open Forum:

A resident representing the Local History Group clarified that they are seeking a permanent, secure home for their archive of material. Cllr Walsingham suggested approaching the Ron Dawson Memorial Hall committee as he understood that they have a room which could be made available.

The chairman and Cllr Hill responded to another resident’s query regarding traffic calming measures on the A151, given the extensive new developments: Although it is unlikely that speed bumps or a speed camera will be provided, larger 30mph signs have been promised, along with white ‘gates’ indicating that traffic is entering a residential area, and also 2 streetlights at each junction both on the A151 and Swinstead Road. Cllr Hill would support the council if it wished to apply for a speed camera, but felt that a better approach was to use funding from the developer/s to acquire one. The possibility of an Archers Survey was discussed. This had not proved useful in the past.

The resident complained at the inefficient way the contractors commissioned by LCC Highways had recently re-surfaced only part of Tanners Lane, and repaired some, but not all, nearby potholes. Cllr Hill explained that contractors have been asked to repair all potholes they find, not just specific ones, but this instruction did not appear to be being followed. He accepted the problem and understood the frustration of local residents.

He proposes that the contractors be instructed to examine all the roads in the village and fill in all the potholes as a single exercise. He was at a loss to understood why the contractors had not used the excess tarmac from the Tanner’s Lane re-surfacing to fill in nearby potholes.

The resident queried the Parish Council funding. The chairman explained that the precept had remained the same for a number of years in the past, and that the council had only reluctantly requested an increase in the last 2 years.

The chairman asked that the appeal for residents’ opinions via County Views be publicised. Mrs Woodman agreed to include in the next issue of The Link.

The clerk requested all councillors to study the insurance quotes obtained so far; a 3rd quote will be obtained. As the current insurance expires at the end of May, a decision will be required at the next meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllrs Andrew, Harwood & Evans. Reasons noted and accepted.
  2. District and County Councillors’ Reports: Cllr Hill noted that most of the points he would wish to raise had already been covered in the Open Forum or were agenda items.
  3. The minutes of the meeting of the Council held on Wednesday March 9th 2022 were approved unanimously and signed by the chairman as an accurate record.
  4. Councillors’ Declarations of Interest: None.
  5. Review of Action Log:

55/21 3 Year Grass Cutting Contract: The contract with MCS to cut areas as previous has been renewed.
O/F: The straw has been removed from the gateway allowing the grass to grow.

  • Clerk’s & Chairman’s reports on matters outstanding:

75/20 Superfast Broadband: No response to communication. Still chasing.

25/21 Fighting Cocks – Asset of Community Value: Form now forwarded to SKDC Legal (previous email not processed because member of staff has left).

55/20 Speeding in the village: CSW monitoring sessions continue. Need to publicise the need for more volunteers. Mrs Woodman to include in next issue of The Link – Cllr Lamming to provide wording.

17/22 Financial Position for 2022-23: The clerk summarised the council’s financial position at the end of financial Year 2021-22. The end of year balance in 2022 was £12,300, compared to £9,800 in 2021.

09/16 Neighbourhood Planning: The Chairman thanked the Neighbourhood Planning Group, and Jon Wakerley in particular, for all their hard work. Cllr Clink reported that the public consultation is now finished; the questionnaire was completed by 51% of households, of which the vast majority were in agreement. Analysis of responses and consultation with public bodies continues.

The group are hoping to meet SKDC to discuss SKDC’s comments. It is anticipated that the plan will be submitted for inspection late Autumn, with the referendum likely May 2023, which coincides with the election.

The unspent money from the current grant has been returned and a new grant applied for.

  • Matters to be resolved:

08/22 Councillor Vacancy: Although unable to attend the meeting because of illness, Mr Fowler had put his name forward for the vacancy. He was formally co-opted. Clerk to inform Mr Fowler and process paperwork.

15/22 Provision of IT support: Mr Fox has offered to provide some IT support. Cllr Cook recommended the web site be redrafted professionally. He obtained a quote of £960 for the creation of a new compliant web site, not including maintenance. The consultant will provide a number of exmples to be viewed at the next meeting. Clerk to arrange for overhead projector facilities.

  • Reports from: 

Planning: to consider planning applications received prior to & after publication of the agenda:

S22/0731 Larkfeet Homes Development: Application to vary 106 requirements. As the exact nature of the application was unclear, the clerk was requested to apply for an extension to allow the council to consider the matter at the next meeting.

S21/1841 David Wilson Homes (DWH) Development: Cllrs Lamming & Silabon had both spoken at the SKDC planning meeting and expressed the points agreed at the previous meeting.  The council expressed its thanks to them for this. CGPC remains concerned about the lack of funding for the Primary School and appropriate Highways facilities. Cllr Lamming reported that SKDC has now changed its policy regarding bungalows – too late for Corby Glen. She believes local bodies such as Highways need to be more engaged with local communities.

The council will consider how to spend the funds allocated to it under the S106 agreement, and how / when to consult residents. To be added to next month’s agenda.

Greens Working Group:

07/21 Playground Equipment Maintenance (notably the state of the seesaw): Miracle Play have now repaired the play equipment as agreed.

The equipment needs to be pained with wood preservative – mid June date agreed for this. Clerk to establish recommended product and check with Cllr Cook.

  • Payments and Accounts

(i) Bank balances – monthly update approved unanimously as set out below.

(ii) Invoices for payment – Councillors resolved unanimously to approve payments as set out in schedule below.

Opening Bank balance from 1st March 2022£14,289.34
Income received on bank statement:
Invoices cleared on bank statement
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
LALC Subscription
Willoughby Memorial Trust – Gallery Lighting
M Cooper – Barleycroft footpath lighting
Cllr Clink re Nhd Plan – Printing
Nhd Plan – CSR –3 sessions
CGPC Meetings – CSR –6 sessions
Nhd Plan – Clive Keble Consulting
Nhd Plan – Jon Wakerley Printing
Nhd Plan – Jon Wakerley Printing
LALC Training
Nhd Plan – CSR – 4 sessions

Closing Bank Balance 31st March 2022£12,218.98
Cheques to be authorised/cleared:
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
MCS – Grass Cutting
Data Protection Fee (ICO)
Nhd Plan – Unused Grant repayment

Estimated remaining NatWest bank balance
(excluding Neighbourhood Plan Funds)
Neighbourhood Plan Costs
Previous costs to date
Total costs against grant
Unused Grant repayment
Grant remaining

£708.13 £0.00
  1. 10.   Matters to be further discussed at this meeting:

33/21 Re-wilding / areas of grass to be cut & by whom / standard of grass cutting: Still awaiting information from SKDC. Cllr Walsingham reported positive feedback regarding the daffodils. Item to be removed from the agenda until September.

46/21 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: The Bowls Club had requested a donation of £50 to assist in funding refreshments for the Jubilee Bowls Tournament. This was approved unanimously under S137.

Ways of marking the Jubilee for the village were discussed. Cllr Clink will purchase a Jubilee flag for £62 and arrange for music. Leaflets to be produced & circulated, including Neighbourhood Planning & CSW information. A Red Arrows fly past has been requested, as has a road closure – although no response yet received. Cllr Hill to chase.

Residents are to be asked to bring their own tables & chairs for the Big Lunch. Bunting will be borrowed from the Sheep Fair Committee. Hay bales will be sought for additional seating. Cllr Robins to be consulted about a First Aider.

67/21 Consider using the July or Sept meeting to agree arrangements for village events: To be considered in September.

01/22 Consider replacing Christmas Tree Lights: Cllr Cook presented options. The problem of getting power to the centre of the square remains. In the long term, an electrical supply point suitably located would be the ideal solution, and something which should be worked towards. To be discussed further at the next meeting.

05/22 Reason for new footbridge (rear of St John’s Drive): Cllr Hill believes this to be government funded and will look into the matter.

09/22 Consider creating a local health concern group: Cllr Walsingham will continue his involvement with the Market Cross Surgery group.

11/22 Agree schedule for flag flying (especially the Ukrainian flag): It was agreed unanimously that Cllr Cook should purchase a more robust Ukrainian flag for £50 which will be flown for a few days each month to mark the duration of the conflict. At other times, the Union Jack or other flag appropriate to the day will be flown. This policy will be explained on Next Door.

12/22 Consider state of benches, bins, phone box, noticeboards & options to fix: Clerk to provide Greens Committee with a list of benches around the village so that they can examine them and assess what repairs are needed. The possible uses for the phone box were discussed. Cllrs Andrew & Silabon to consider, especially as a way of marking the Jubilee.

13/22 State of Trees, (especially trees by beacon, new trees, future trees): To be considered at the next meeting.

14/22 Re-surfacing of Tanners Lane: As a result of the resurfacing Tanner’s Lane is wider. The council is very disappointed that after waiting 3 years for this, no kerbs or bollards were installed to deter people from driving on the Green. Cllr Hill explained that funding did not permit.

16/22 Position & review of conservation zone in light of future call for local plan development sites: The extent of the conservation area should be reviewed when appropriate.

17/22 Consider a Speed Record Panel on the Green: The Speed Panel on the Green is not working. Cllr Lamming has tried to identify the body responsible.

  1. Next meeting:

The next regular meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday May 11th 2022 at the Church Street Rooms.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm.                                                                                                            Mrs. Sue Woodman – Parish Clerk

Action Log 13th April 2022

RefActionResponsibilityDate by
07/20Activate new email addresses (
IT support to be followed up outside the meeting
Cllr Walsingham /
Mr Fox
55/20CSW: Publicise need for more volunteers
Provide wording
Include in May Link

Cllr Lamming
vMrs Woodman

07/21Playground Equipment Maintenance
Fix a rubber covering to the bottom edges of the rocking horse
Establish recommended wood preservative and check with Cllr Cook.


25/21Fighting Cocks – Asset of Community Value:  Chase for update.Clerk11/5/22
33/21Re-wilding / areas of grass to be cut & by whom / standard of grass cutting: Add to September agendaClerk1/9/22
46/21Queen’s Platinum Jubilee:
Include CSW on leaflet
Inform the Bowls Club that their request for funding has been approved.
Consult Cllr Robins re a First Aider
Follow up Road Closure Request
Cllr Lamming /
Cllr Clink
Cllr Hill

67/21Consider using the July or Sept meeting to agree arrangements for village events: Add to September agendaClerk1/9/22
O/FArrange walkabout with RowanClerk11/5/22
O/FInclude an appeal in the Link for residents to express their opinions via County ViewsMrs Woodman17/4/22
O/FObtain 3rd Insurance quoteClerk11/5/22
01/22Consider replacing Christmas Tree Lights: Research options, including battery or solar powered.Cllr Cook11/5/22
08/22Councillor Vacancy: Inform Cllr Fowler and provide paperworkClerk11/5/22
10/22Clarify responsibilities of Greens Working Group: Meet with the group to explain what is required.Cllr Walsingham
Greens working Gp
11/22Agree schedule for flag flying (especially the Ukrainian flag):
Purchase a more robust Ukrainian flag for £50
Explain policy on Next Door.

Cllr Cook

12/22Consider state of benches, bins, phone box, noticeboards & options to fix:
Provide Greens Committee with a list of benches around the village
Assess for necessary repairs.
Consider possible uses for the phone box, especially as a way of marking the Platinum Jubilee

Greens Committee
Cllrs Andrew & Silabon

11/5/22 11/5/22

15/22Provision of IT support:
Obtain demonstration of web sites
Arrange for overhead projector facilities.

Cllr Cook

S22/0731Larkfeet Homes Application to vary 106 requirements: Apply for an extension to allow the council to consider the matter at the next meeting.Clerk7/5/22
S21/1841David Wilson Homes (DWH) Development:
Add consideration of how to spend the S106 funds, and how / when to consult residents to next month’s agenda.



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