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Rowan Smith                Lincoln County Council(LCC)

Tracey Lamming            Chair Corby Glen Parish Council(CGPC)

John Ellam                    Councilor Corby Glen Parish Councilor

Kelly Heart                    Councilor Corby Glen Parish Councilor

Resurfacing around the village

The road surface in the village high street Church Lane and Morley’s Lane are in a very poor condition.

Rowan Smith stated that the surface between Barleycroft Road up the High Street along Church Street to Morley’s Lane then on up to Bourne Road opposite the Woodhouse, including the Market Place would be resurfaced in 2024. There will also be resurfacing from Market Place along Station road up to A151.

The remaining section of the High Street between Barleycroft Road and Irnam Road is also in poor condition and it was stated that this is on the LCC roads list as needing resurfacing but has no current budget or date against it.

Market Place

Rowan Smith will leave any re configuration of the car parking lines to CGPC although LCC will need to agree the design before the work starts on resurfacing next year.

It would be a great advantage if the proposed new electricity supply was installed before the market place is re surfaced.

Laxton Lane

The sides of Laxton Lane are due for pruning, this is the responsibility of LCC but if CGPC can assist with keeping the lane in good order LCC have no objection to them doing so.

The new crossing of the A151 at the cross roads next to the Woodhouse

A new crossing point has been installed across the A151 at the Woodhouse Arms. It was a surprise to CGPC. Rowan Smith stated that it was part of the planning consent for the David Wilson Homes estate and had not been done by LCC.

Bourne Road

There are several pot holes along Bourne Road causing lorries to shake noisily as they cross them. Rowan Smith took photographs of the worst offending potholes but explained that some of the smaller undulations were currently below the threshold for remedial rectification. The subject of resurfacing the whole section was discussed but no conclusion was reached or date proposed. Rowan Smith took photographs of several potholes and reported them on fix my street.

Rowan Smith agreed to have a 30 sign painted on the road at the new village limit and some slow signs

at other points on the road through the village.

Opposite the entrance to the new Alisons Homes development the width of the footpath was discussed and Rowan Smith took photos of the weeds growing over the footpath.

The existence of some signs of events at the Grifin public house in Irnham have been placed on the way into the village on the Green. These signs do not appear to be LCC colours could these be looked into by LCC?

Ferndale Estate West Glen Way

The condition of the entrance road and pavements to the Ferndale estate were found to be incomplete and not in a state that LCC would consider adopting with the manhole covers still higher than the current road surface. An inspection including core samples will be required before it is considered complete and ready for adoption by LCC.

Swinstead Road

The verges along Swinstead road were badly damaged Rowan Smith took photographs of the damage which had the tracks of large earth moving vehicles imprinted in the mud.

An additional entrance had been made onto Swinstead road to access the David Wilson Homes sales office, the entrance is very close to a blind bend and is not shown on planning permission S21/1841. Cllr Ellam to check if it appears on a separate application.

Temporary 30 restriction signs for the construction phase of the new developments have been placed coming into the village but there is no 30 sign going out of the village at the point where the original derestriction/ national speed limit is still situated giving the impression that it is derestricted form that point.

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