Corby Glen FTTP project now LIVE and ready for orders

Corby Glen £215k FTTP Project Completed! After our successful campaign to get FTTP fibre installed for Corby Glen, the £215K Government funded project is now complete and ready to take orders. Speak to your internet provider to arrange the connection. Well done Corby Glen – after 2 years we finally have ultra fast broadband! This is a big win for the village, ensuring a secure fast

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Passageway Lighting between Barleycroft & Pridmore Road

The historic bulk lighting, which consists of conduited wiring and 4 lamps, on the narrow passageway is no longer fit for purpose. The Parish Council is in discussions about whether it should be responsible for maintaining the lighting and whether it can afford to fix it. The lights are out of action. Residents are advised to take care, seek alternative pedestrian routes if uncomfortable using it,

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St John’s Church has been open for over 850 years

How would you feel if it was permanently closed in your lifetime because of a lack of support? Without support, the church WILL close We want to enable St John’s Church to be used and enjoyed by people in the 21st century, while respecting the heritage of the past YOU can make a difference, churchgoer or not Please come to a meeting on Thursday 13 October

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We need you to pledge to use FTTP Fibre broadband so we can access £215K of Government funding

After last years campaign we successfully secured £215k of Government funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to upgrade the Internet in Corby Glen to FTTP. BUT, we are not over the line yet. To release the money we need residents to officially pledge to use the new service with Open Reach (EVEN IF YOU PLEDGED LAST YEAR) who will install the system. 

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