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Corby Glen’s Neighbourhood Plan (NP) has been formulated by villagers over several years and ratified by villagers in our referendum in January 2024. Thus our community voted to have a village which has a community-based planning strategy, within a National Planning Policy Framework, which enables us to add a local perspective for further growth in the village and has an overview of existing infrastructure in the village.

The community-based planning strategy tries to meet the needs of the present villagers without compromising the potential needs of future generations.  The three areas are economic, social and environmental. These themes were also concerns expressed during the consultation for the NP.

The themes identified were:

  1. Large scale developments in the village having an effect on the amenities and rural character
  2. Maintaining a strong sense of community
  3. Engagement encouraging more local jobs and businesses and
  4. Protecting and enhancing existing amenities and services.

Corby Glen has seen a substantial increase of 65% in housing stock in the village over the last few years.  An additional development of the proposed 144 houses would only compound the villagers’ concerns already raised in the NP.  This proposal will affect all of the elements raised by the NP, so we wish to object to the proposal to maintain our sense of community, protecting existing amenities and services and rural character.

Sue Woodman
Corby Glen Parish Clerk

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