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A look back at the long history and modern development in our village.

Food & Drink

With 2 village pubs, 2 cafes and a local store to choose from you are spoilt for choice.

Job Listings

Our comprehensive list of Businesses both professional and artisan.

Park and Recreations

Keep up-to-date with the local developments in the village council.

Corby Glen Neighbourhood Plan

The referendum on the Corby Glen Neighbourhood Plan took place on Thursday, January 18th 2024 and 92.5% of those who voted were in favour of the Plan.

The Corby Glen Neighbourhood Plan was considered at SKDC’s Full Council meeting on 29th February 2024 and it was concluded that all the necessary conditions for making the Plan part of the Statutory Development Plan for South Kesteven had been met. 

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The Parish of about 2790 acres is set in wooded countryside.

Village Highlights

Find out what’s going on & stay up to date.

Annual General Meeting of the Ron Dawson Hall

Parish Council News, Village News

The AGM of the Corby Glen Village Hall will be taking place on Wednesday 24/4/24 at 7.30. In line with its constitution, I would like to... Read More Annual General Meeting of the Ron Dawson Hall

Parking during re-surfacing

Parish Council News, Village News

The Parish Council appreciates the difficulties residents will have regarding car parking during the long-awaited resurfacing of roads in... Read More Parking during re-surfacing

Community Input Welcome for S106 Funds Allocation by Parish Council

Parish Council News, Village News

The recent developments by Nottingham Housing, Allison Homes, and David Wilson Homes in the village has prompted the Parish Council to... Read More Community Input Welcome for S106 Funds Allocation by Parish Council

Flooding Warning Status

Latest Flooding Information

There is help available for Corby Glen Residents in times of Flood,
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What's Happening

Events in our village...

Date/Time Event
October 4, 2024
All Day
Sheep Fair Beer Festival
October 5, 2024
All Day
Sheep Fair Farmers Market
October 6, 2024
All Day
Sheep Fair

A vibrant village nestled in the Lincolnshire

Become a Fireman! (or Firewoman!)

And make a difference!

Have you always wanted to be a fire-fighter but are already in full time employment or maybe you are a housewife and have never entertained the idea – Retained fire fighting could be for you.

Retained Fire Stations such as Corby Glen are operated solely by retained fire-fighters. The station is only occupied on drill nights for training and maintenance purposes. In general we are always trying to recruit new fire-fighters to provide adequate fire cover for the area. There is no obligation for you to live solely in Corby Glen to qualify as a fire-fighter, maybe you come from or work in one of the villages surrounding Corby Glen.

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