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Draft Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Tuesday February 28th 2023 at 7.30pm at the Willoughby Gallery, Corby Glen.

Present: Cllrs Lamming (Chair), Cook, Harwood & Walsingham (Vice Chair),.

In attendance: Mrs S Woodman (Parish Clerk).

  1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Fowler. Apologies received and accepted. 
    Absent: Cllrs Andrew, Clink & Evans

Councillors Declarations of Interest:  none noted.

  • Urgent repairs to playground equipment – consider options and agree way forward

The Parish Council has been quoted approx. £2,500 by Miracle to supply & install the legs of the toddler swings, like for like. The council cannot justify spending this amount of money at this time.

Cllr Cook had previously emailed cllrs with options, which he then explained:

Liability: Cllr Cook considers this has in effect always resided with the Parish Council. When asked, the insurers responded that the legs should be installed by “contractors who have their own public liability insurance”. 

The main concern would be the fittings into the ground, which will not be altered. And the replacement legs should be at least like for like, and preferably better.

  1. Miracle: Expensive, and the maintenance issue remains.
    1. Plastic Wood: Although only costing £400 + installation, their structural integrity is unproven. So not recommended.
    1. Laminated Wood: This is the material of the current posts. Cllr Cook had sourced similar, but not identical, posts – cost £240 + delivery & installation. The slightly larger dimensions would require modification, which could impact the original design characteristics. And maintenance would still be required.
    1. Steel: 90mm tubular steel – same dimensions as current and thus would fit the existing fittings. One of the existing posts would be supplied as a model and the posts made to order. If required, they could be powder coated to enhance their appearance.  

These would not rust and would need no maintenance. They could be installed by a local contractor. Various options were outlined – to be discussed again at the next regular meeting.

Cost to purchase: £800 + powder coating = £950 + VAT.

Cllr Evans has sought and received agreement to a donation of £350 towards the cost, so the current cost to the council would be £600, which could potentially be recouped through other funding – to be discussed at the next regular meeting.

Councillors voted unanimously for option d) and the clerk was instructed to order 4 posts as per Cllr Cook’s quotation. Delivery is likely to be around 4 weeks. Cllr Cook to forward the electronic quotation to the clerk and to research colour of powder coating.

It is recognised that the posts on the other swings will also need replacing in the future. The new posts will be monitored to confirm their suitability first.

  • Disconnection of the Barleycroft footpath lights – agree payment

It was agreed unanimously to accept the quote of £95 from Toby Kiely to disconnect & remove the lights. The clerk was requested to instruct Mr Kiely accordingly.

The meeting closed at 8.02pm.

Mrs. S. Woodman – Parish Clerk

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