Corby Glen Parish Council


The next Parish Council Meeting will be held in St John’s Church, Corby Glen on
Wednesday 9th June 2021 at 7.30pm

The Meeting will begin with a fifteen-minute Open Forum which all residents are invited to attend.


1.      Apologies for absence and reasons given.

2.      District and County Councillors’ Reports – for information only.

3.      Draft Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on Wednesday 5th May 2021 to be approved as the minutes.

4.      To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011,
and to consider any requests for dispensations in respect of DPI’s.

5.      Review of Actions Log.

6.     Clerk’s & Chairman’s reports on matters outstanding:
75/20 Superfast Broadband – current situation
01/21 Pop up Arts events – feedback
07/21 Playground Equipment Maintenance
Laxton’s Lane – Traffic Restriction Order


09/16 Neighbourhood Planning – update

7.     Matters to be resolved:

31/21 Renew Fieldpaths Association subscription – £5

8.      Reports from:       

            Planning: to consider planning applications received prior to & after publication of the agenda:
            S21/0637 Mrs Campbell, The Mount, Irnham Road, Barn conversion
            S21/1010 Willoughby Gallery, Tree work
            S21/1068 Mr Adams, 3 St John’s Drive, Outline permission for erection of a dwelling & garage
            (previous permission granted 2005)
            David Wilson Homes Development

Greens Working Group:

9.      Payments and Accounts:

       (i)  Bank balances

       (ii) Invoices for payment – to approve payments to be made on the list attached

10.  Matters to be further discussed at the meeting:

24/21 Sale of Musson’s Close Land (Asset of Community Value

25/21 Re-registration of Fighting Cocks as an Asset of Community Value

55/20 Speeding in the village

30/21 SKDC Best Kept Village Competition (AC)

31/21 Emergency Response (AC)
32/21 Emergency vehicles speeding through the village (TL)
33/21 Grass cutting round the war memorial (TL)
34/21 Council tenants – communication with SKDC (AC)

11.   To confirm date of the next meeting, currently scheduled for Wednesday 14th July 2021 at 7.30pm,
venue dependent upon circumstances.

Mrs. S. Woodman, Parish Clerk

Payments and Accounts

Opening Bank balance from 1st May 2021


Income received on bank statement
Community Cleaner Grant


Invoices cleared on bank statement
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
Bourne Skip Hire
Cllr Cook – Playground renovation materials
S Woodman -– Playground renovation materials
Annual Insurance
MCS – Grass Cutting
Data Protection Renewal – Direct Debit


Closing Bank Balance 31ST May 2021


Cheques to be authorised/cleared:
S. Woodman – clerk’s wages
S. Woodman – clerk’s expenses
S. woodman – re Mrs Chambers
HMRC – clerk’s PAYE
CDPC – Community cleaner
Cllr Cook – Playground renovation materials
Additions Accounting – Annual Audit


Estimated remaining NatWest bank balance

(excluding Defibrillator & Play Equipment funds)




Defibrillator Fund

Total banked to date (inc. VAT refunds):        

Purchases to date (inc. VAT):

Fund remaining:






Play Equipment Fund

Total banked to date (inc. VAT refunds):        

Purchases to date (inc. VAT):

Purchases this month inc. VAT):
Fund remaining:





Neighbourhood Plan Costs (to be repaid on receipt of grant funding)

Costs to date